How Bail Bondsmen Earn Money

How Bail Bondsmen Earn Money

Although some try to make it seem really complicated, the bail bond process actually is quite simple. Someone is arrested and placed in jail. Then their bail is set by a judge. That is the amount of money that must be paid by the defendant in order to get released before the date they are scheduled to appear in court. As long as the defendant shows up in court on the dates they are supposed to, they get their money back, and if they don’t, then they forfeit that money. One question that many people have is how the local bail bondsman earns money. We will be covering that subject in this article.

Most defendants do not have thousands of dollars that are available for them to spend. This is where the bail bondsman comes in. State law sets the rates. However, it isn’t just the fee that has to be put up by the defendant to get assistance from a bail bonds service. Say a defendant decides to flee from the state and fails to make their court appearance. The bail bondsman is then stuck having to pay the entire bail amount. That is why an increasing number of bail bonds services are also requiring their clients to come up with collateral also.

In one of our recent articles, we discussed how the bail bond collateral process works. Some of the things that qualify as collateral include savings account passbooks, stock options, 401K accounts, certificates of deposit, or a deed to vacant land or a house. A savvy bondsman all will have one person at least (called the Indemnitor) who will sign the bond and agrees to cover any losses. The higher the risk is, the more collateral that will be sought by the agency. If the defendant disappears, the bondsman has the right to take their case to civil court and obtain money from the family by that means. Another option that is available is the agent can hire a licensed private investigator to locate the fugitive. A bail bondsman will only hire a bounty hunter to locate the defendant in rare cases.

A Bail Bondsman Who Is Fully Committed To You

Customer service is what sets a good bail bondsman apart from all of the rest. You need to look for a bail bond company with years of experience doing bail bonds, Unfortunately, many bail bondsmen these days don’t give their clients much attention. That means that many defendants, as well as their families, are at the complete mercy of bail bonds services. We completely understand how hard bailing a loved one from jail is. That is why we always go the extra mile for our clients to ensure that the experience you have with us is as hassle-free and smooth as possible.

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